Monday, September 29, 2014

No Title Given

by Damian

Well first I would put in a American flag so if they change it they know how it was in 2014.Then I would put in maybe some clothing so they know what we had to wear in 2014.I would also put in a toy cause most people probably in 20 years want to know what we did in our spare time.Then I would write or get a book on our life in 2014 and I would put it in.The last thing I would put in is a musical instrument so they know how we did music at our time.Other people would probaly put in some other things but this is my opinion on what I would put in a time capsule.It would be more surprising to find a time capsule but that will never happen.Anyways this is what I would put in a time capsule .                                            
         The End                                                  

No Title Given

by Mattie

If my teacher told me to create a time capsule I would put in a cumputer. I would also put in a pictures of what life was like in 2014, so people in the next 5,000 years can see what life was like. I would also put in music so people could see how their's is different from ours. I would put in the capsule a book to see how they changed in the next 5,000 years. I would put in clothes to see how they changed and so people can were it. I would put in a calender so people can see how long ago it was when we made the capsule. All these items are importend to me so people in the next 5,000 years can see how life was.

No Title Given

by Garrett

If I had to make a time box, I would put a copy of constitution in there so that they would know about our government. I would also put in a letter explaining what this box is and what 's on in 2014. I would probably put a world map. I would put in a document containing information about the known animals in the world. It'd be a good idea to put in a advanced history book. I would definitely put in a periodic table. There's a lot more stuff I could put in but the would have to be HUGE to do that.

Time Capsule

by Matthew

If I would have had a time capsule I would put in there. A tooth brush & tooth paste so I can brush my teeth. And I would want to bring a game console . So when I'am where iam at I can play it. Also I would like to have a tv. So that I can hook the game console to it. And also I can watch tv while iam down there. And the last thang I would want to bring is food&water . So if we get hunger or thirst we have something

Time Capsule

by Sheldon

If I was to make a time capsule I would place a lot of modern jewels inside. I would place money inside so that if someone found it they would see what we used to purchase our personal belongings. I would also place a CD so they would see our current entertainment. Would also place latest technology. And a few battery packs for those that need batteries. I would show them how we survived during our modern day now. I would like to write them a speech about how to provide for mother earth.

No Title Given

by Noe

I would put a computer in there so the people would see how much computers have changed. The people would think how the computers changed over the five thousand years. I would also put a piece of paper to see how the people write in five thousand years. I would also put a poster to see how the if they a digital in the future. If there was a clock I would put it in to see if the clocks are holograms. I would also put a flower to see if all the flowers are gone. I would put all of that to see how much the five thousand years would improve all the stuff.

My Time Capsule

by Liam

If are teacher did a time capsule  I would put my atuograph and put a picture of me and put a picture of kyrie irving for paper. Then I would put my xbox 360  I would put my old ipod for electronics. I would put todays history  like how expensive gas  and put pictures of tigers elephants all animals and insects history . But not all the living things on planet. Then I would put efiel tower ,statue of liberty, enpire state buliding, white house, pentagon, twin towers, of picturers. Then I would put are president Barack Obama and Vice President Joe biden and put ther pictures in the time capsule.Then I would take pictures of Mt.whitney grass flowers ant holes bees all nature pictures I would make videos of nature and put my camera in the time capsule.I would leave intresting books movies elecronics pictures I would put anything in there that could put for the people in the future to see I how we lived.

My Time Capsule

by Luis

If I had to make a time capsule I would put things that are special to me. One thing that I would put in there is my favorite baseball because in 5 thousand years people might not even know what a baseball is. Another thing I would put in there is my first phone to show that phones weren't always smart. I would also put my wii game console to show them that video games weren't always that cool. I think I would actually want to make a time capsule. I wonder who would open the time capsule? I hope that people would actually find the time capsule.

No Title Given

by Kaili

If I was told to bury a time capsule I would place in the bottom a dress,a shirt,and a pair of pants so they would understand what our clothes were like. On top of the clothing I would place some pictures of my cousin Kaitlin and me together. The pictures would be taken at the park, the church, and my room. The pictures would be taken in these particular places because my room is our favorite hang out, and the parks may look different in the future, also they may not know of churches. On top of both clothing and the pictures I would place a letter which would read,Hello people of the future  the pictures are of my cousin Kaitlin and me Kaili. The clothes at the bottom are clothes we wore in the year 2014 our ages were ten.

            Our favorite colors are red and green I am telling you this to see if you can relate. We must ask you if you would bury a time capsule too, so the people in your future can what it is like in your time. 

            P.S. Thank you for reading!

No Title Given

by Mariela

If I would put something in the time capsule . I would put a pack of soda or beer so they can taste how It tasted back ago . I would also put the best invention invented long ago. I would put the best invention because so they can see what it was and also so maybe they can get a lot of money. I would also put a mouse for a computer so they can see how old it was . The last thing I would put for the time capsule I would put in a letter of how is was in the past and I think the future would look like . That all things I would put in the time capsule.

My Time Capsule

by Jessica

If my teacher asked me to create a time capsule today I would put a list of what the prices are for gas and milk because they are expensive. I would put a CD of what the popular songs were this year so people five thousand years from now new what we listened to that year. I would put pictures of famous celebrities, and what they are famous for. I would also like to put a few new movies so the people in the future can watch them. I would put pictures of new phones and popular brands like Nike. I would also want to put my name so people now that I buried the time capsule. If I buried a time capsule I would really hope people five thousand years ago would enjoy looking at stuff from 2014.

My Capsule

by Brizieda

For my capsule I would put my favorite Barbie doll  that got when I was little . My necklace that my grandma gave me for my 8th birthday.  My baby shoes that my mom gave me for my 6 months outside of her stomach.  My baby brother's shoes when he got them for his 8 months. My mickey mouse ears that I got when I was a little baby. The last item in the capsule that I would put is my mom's gold necklace and my dad's black ring.

Time Cap Soul

by Madison

If I could put anything in a time cap soul I would put a bracelet in there because I like bracelets and what if the person who opened the time cap soul liked them too. I would probably put in a letter about how the world is right know. In the letter I would also write about how the future might be. I also would put in a tee shirt of my favorite band. I would put in a C.D of there music too. I would put in cool pictures of sunsets and pretty flowers too because there unique. I hope they would like the stuff I put in them.