Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My New Candy

by Madison

If I could invent a knew type of candy it would be sweet and easy to bite. The ingredients
would be sugar and gooey syrup. It would be small and look round. There would be a lot of
different colors. There would be a lot of different flavors too. The flavors would match its color so
if it was red it would be cherry flavored. If it was yellow it would be lemon flavored. If it was
purple it would be grape flavored. They would all taste like sweet fruits. They would be the
sweetest candy. I would call my candy Ms Sweets.

National Candy Day

by Jessica

     Since today is National Candy Day the candy I would invent
would be a candy that is three feet long. My candy's ingredients would be
milk chocolate, taste changing jawbreakers, caramel, licorice, Nerds, sour
powder and dark chocolate. My candy's ingredients would change three times. When you bite
into the first foot of the candy it will be milk chocolate, caramel, and dark chocolate. Once you get
past the first foot the next foot's ingredients will turn into the taste changing jawbreakers and
licorice. You might be eating this part of the candy for a while because the jawbreakers change
colors fifteen times. The last foot will be Nerds and sour powder. On the outside of the candy the
first foot will have swirls of light and dark chocolate. The next foot will have little pieces of
licorice and colorful jawbreakers. The final foot will have every Color of Nerds. I would call my
candy the Changepoosh.

My New Candy Bar

by Mariela

If I could invent a candy bar it would look like a small round ball and once you bite it
all the good ingredients come out of the bar . The ingredients would be chocolate
with blue food coloring and the chocolate would be blue and marsh mellows in the
inside and sprinkles on top of it . Then the last ingredient would be little pieces of
gummy worms in the inside of the bar . My candy ball would taste like a bunch of different kinds
of candy and it's like a rainbow in your mouth . I would name it Rainbow Ball . I would name it
Rainbow Ball cause it's a ball and different kinds of flavors in your mouth and cause it's colorful . I
would sell it for $2.75 and in each packet there would be about 6 or 5 pieces of Rainbow Ball .
Some of the packets would have small Rainbow Balls that had 5 inside of the packet and I would
sell it for $ 2.50 .There would be a bigger bag of the Rainbow Ball and there would be 7 inside of
it and it would be $4.75 for the bigger bag . That would be my new candy bar if I would make one

Brown Sugar Brownies

by Alexis

     The new type of the candy I'm going to invent is a Brown Sugar Brownies that is 0% fat
and is health. You would have a good time with your life when you get this bar. It also keeps you
active. The ingredients are, brown sugar, two cups of water, 1⁄2 cup of milk, and the temp in the
oven is 120 degrees. They would look like a regular brownies. They don't smell like a regular
brownies. It would taste like brown sugar. I would call my candy Brown Sugar Brownies. You
would love these brownies. These brownies will smell good. They will give you a big start in the
morning. It will also keep you awake the whole day.

My Candy Creation

by Luis

If could create a candy for National Candy Day I would make a special kind
of candy. It will like if it was a lollipop with a giant jawbreaker covered in
chocolate. But the candy will be a little bit smaller. The ingredients will be chocolate,
caramel, cookie crumbs, and whatever kind of fruit flavor. My candy will taste like if
it were a caramel apple just with a different kind of fruit. The name of my candy will
be Sweet Fruit. But the candy will be wrapped in a plastic bag ready to be bought. When you eat
it it will be a little sour but it will end up being sweet. But to eat the candy you will have to lick it
like you would do to a lollipop or a jawbreaker. Now I actually want to make my own candy. If I
do I will make it exactly how I said it would.

Candy Fancy

by Liam

If I could make my own candy I would name it Jalapeño. It would be shaped like a cylinder it
would be A foot long It would be 5 inches wide. Then the ingredients it would be light brown in
the out side with a creamy seasoning of Chile. Then in the middle there would be a foot long
jalapeño. Then when you take a bite it would make you mouths hot. Then I would make be
available in walmart kmart target all the stores and they will cost 75 cents.

If I could make another candy I would name it the French . It would be shaped like a
cylinder. It would be 8 inches tall and 2 inches wide. The ingredients would be
baguettes crepes croissants Carmel butter whipped cream. In the out side it would
be baguettes light Carmel color. In the in side it would have whipped cream pieces
of crepes croissants. It would be available on all stores. It would cost 75 cents.
The French

The Bomb

by Shivam

My candy would be called “ The Bomb ”. The color
would be rainbow. I has a chewy thing In the middle.
When it is in your mouth it explodes.
It has a blast of flavor. The ingredients is green apple,
Blue berry , raspberry, stew berry,and watermelon.
There would be 5 in one pack. I would sell them for $2.50 a pack. It looks like a panda with a
bomb in his hand that is rainbow. Its a lollipop. If I sell it in one then I would $1.00. the logo is a

National Candy Day

by Noe

If I made a candy it would be the best candy ever. The ingredients
would be fiber, sugar, crushed coco beans, caramel, and nuts. It would look
like a twix and a snickers mixed together. It would taste really good so that
a lot of kids get the candy bar. So it would taste like twix and snickers had a
baby. So very good taste. I would call my candy blicks. Then after a lot of
people buy it I will make a factory to make it. Then every one in the world
will buy it and I will get rich. After that I will buy a mansion and make
another candy. I will do that over and over again.

My Awesome Candy

by Brizeida

     If I would've invented a new type of candy it would be named “ Awesome Choco
Delight”. The ingredients will be sugar, carmel, syrup,milk, and chocolate. It would look
like those ones that look like little eye ball chocolate balls. MY candy would look way
more bigger than those chocolate eye balls people give out mostly in Halloween. My
candy will taste awesome. It will taste like delicious chocolate and perfect carmel. My
candy is mostly a type of chocolate. I love chocolate thats why I invented this candy
because I love chocolate. My candy would have the best taste in the world. Everybody
would like it and eat it everyday. And then get hyper.


by Adrian G.

My candy is called the Hatching Chock. This candy is not like any kind of candy when you put in your mouth it is
like a jaw breaker. But in 3 minutes it hatches in your mouth and and it flies away because the thing it is
made with is. chocolate dissolving jaw breaker red sprinkles on the top. How it flies it has special
technology so if you bite it you wont die.

Yum Tums

by Bryson

My candy would be called Yum Tums. They would taste
very very sweet. The ingredients are 80% sugar and 20% honey.
It looks like white clumps with a little bit of yellow. Yum Tums
first where made in Canada. Then Mexico found out then made
there own. Finally, we took some from Mexico and brought to the
USA. Now it is popular.

My National Candy

by Sheldon

If I was to own my very were owned company. It would be
called Active. My bar would be made of ingredients from healthy
foods. My bars would have a low calorie amount of around 50
calories. It would look like a 12 centimeter bar that looks white and
black. It would make me very rich as if a billionaire. If I had to move from country­to­country I
would. My candy would taste like roses in the great prairie. The bar would go world wide and
people would buy it. I would sell it at gas stations and super markets and other places. I would sell
them for about $1.00 each. I would build factories all over the United States of America.

Fruity Bar!!!!!!

by Matt

If I would have a chance to make up my own
candy . I would have on with the ingredients of
Carmel,chocolate,blue berry's,and lots of
caramel. The way I would make it is by getting
chocolate . Put the chocolate in a bowl . Then I
would put it on a molding rack. Then I will let it
dry . Once it is done drying I will get a caramel
stick poke it in then push all of the caramel out of
the stick. Then I will crush up the blue berry. Then I will put it in a shot like
thing then stick the needle into the chocolate and push all the blue berry mush into the chocolate.
And then I will put on some string of caremel . Then I will put it into a candy wraper. And
I will call it fruity bar.

The Terephon

by Jakob

My candy would be called,”Terephon”. It would look like a rainbow tube with multiple colors
and flavors. It would at least be 7 inches and half an inch wide and tall. The ingredients would be
raspberry, blueberry, green apple, and apple. It would taste sweet but would also have a lot of
flavor. There would be 6 in one pack. I would sell them for 2.50 a pack. The whole thing would be
chewy but the center would be kinda chewy. Its very bendable, and cannot break. It could only be
broken if pulled, cut, and chewed.

None of the Terephons would have the same pattern either. It's logo would look like a golden
panda statue holding out a pack of Terephons in his hands.

Rainbow Rain

by Karlee

Today is national candy day, so I will tell
you a little about my new candy. The ingredients
would be dark chocolate, caramel, and chocolate
fudge. It would look like a rainbow because it's
colorful, and when you bite into it, it would look like
rain because the caramel and the chocolate fudge
would droop out. It would taste like a hersheys bar,
but with caramel and chocolate fudge. I would call
my new candy “Rainbow Rain”.
The “Rainbow Rain” has very rich
chocolate. The king size is the size of a king sized
Hersheys bar. It would be $3.50 to buy it. If you
would like to shorten it up, you could also call it
“RR”. If you like caramel, chocolate fudge, and darke
chocolate, then you would like Rainbow Rain! Have
a good national candy day and hope to see you eat
Rainbow Rain!

Wilkinson Wafers

by Garrett

If I was going to invent a candy, I would make Wilkinson Wafers. The top and bottom segments
would be made by, mixing flour with water, adding a small amount of sugar, a very small amount
of yeast, pouring it into a mold, and baking it at 400 degrees for twenty minutes then slicing them.
We make the gooey center by mixing corn starch with sugar, lemon extract, and white food
We put them together and boom you have Wilkinson wafers.

Neff Cheweys

by Nefti

Hello people of the world I am here to share with you the best candy ever.My candy
many flavors combined into one little gummy.It has the flavors of cherry, strawberry, kiwi,
and orange. My candy is a chewey gummy with the flavors shaped as a gummy inside of a
gummy. My gummy is sweet it is strechy, chewey, and small.The ingrediants are flavoring,
sugar, and sodium.My candy will be called the “Neff Cheweys”.It will be inside of a little
plastic box that looks like a treasure chest and will have 20 gummys inside.You will be able to get
it in stores and in mini marts.My candy will be shped as a circle that is an inch long.That is my
candy and every thig about it.

Damian's Candy Assignment

by Damian

If I would make a candy I would make it a Snitle. A Snitle is a
candy with chocolate with caramel in it and the out side like a
lollipop. It kinda looks like an M&M but when you bite in to it it
looks different. It has caramel in the center and chocolate
covering it. The outside would taste just like a lollipop and the
center would taste like chocolate caramel candies. I would call it
Snitle.I would call it a Snitle cause it a mix of a snicker and a
skittle. I wonder if I would be famous for creating it? I also wonder
if anyone would like my candy surely I would!  If I did make a Snitle
I my logo would be a giant S. And since they are so small I would have
them put in boxes.

The Number One New Candy

by Kaili

Today we are inventing new candies. My new candy is
called Duck Bill. Duck Bill is two parts of a chocolate duck beak
and a gooey middle. The ingredients are milk chocolate, caramel,
peanut butter, marshmallows, and raspberry fruit filling. It looks
like a small chocolate duck beak ice cream sandwich. It looks
like a ice cream sandwich because of the chocolate outside and
marshmallow inside. Duck Bill tastes like a smore. The reason it
tastes this way is because of the chocolate, marshmallows, and
the fruit filling tastes like gram crackers. Duck Bill is number one
bought and sold by candy stores around the world. One time
someone even tried to buy the candy production and we had to go
to court! I sure hope Duck Bill stays number one forever.

Candy Assignment

by Daryan

Yesterday I invented a new candy. I like to call it Hershey Split. It is a
Hershey with banana cream and caramel in the middle. At first it will taste like
strong milk chocolate, then you will get a rush of banana cream taste which is
basically flavored whipped cream, and then I have caramel in the middle. It
looks like a ordinary Hershey bar just a little bit bigger than usual. The
ingredients are citric acid, water, milk, caramel, banana cream, yogurt, and
peanut butter. The wrapper is a light brown color and across the front is says
Hershey Split. The cost would be 1$ for 5 mini bars. One big bar is 3$. The big
bars are 5 times bigger than the mini bars. When you took the bar out of the
wrapper it looked like a chocolate piece that says Hershey Split indented in the
bar and the same on the other side. My candy quote is “ Banana Split master of
other split”. That is my new candy invention!