Thursday, March 31, 2016

From the desk of Yairelin

Topic A:
March 22nd is “National Goof Off Day.” When you have the chance to goof off, what is your favorite activity and why?

I would be myself all kinds of crazy, and i would love that day because i want to be myself and not try to impress people. Which i don't do but i just decide to be shy to not  say anything stupid. ANd make people make fun of me. So that day would be very important to all us kids because we all try to impress the cooler kids to fit in i guess.  But that's how it works at our school if ur not cool u just dont play with them or doing anything at all. But i really don't care because 7th grade is way different from my class. 7th grade does not care there your friends for u which is awesome. I like my class and all but they have that little problem. So being myself would be my favorite activity!

Topic B:
Today is “Toast Day.” What is your favorite topping for toast? Explain to someone how to create this “toasty” treat. 

For the day Toast Day, i would choose the topping of lechera. This is how you build up your toasty treat, you get out the lechera ( milkmaid) from your counters and u take it out. Once u taken it out you open it with a can opener because it comes in a can or in a regular container, then u get a knife. Once u gotten those things done you have to take out your bread take out two pieces  of bread, once u done that u crub the topping on the toast. If u you want a double sandwich u have to take two pieces but if u only want one piece u take one piece of bread out. I prefer two it's way more tasty because it's more lechera on it.     

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