Tuesday, March 29, 2016

From Tyler

Topic A:
March 22nd is “National Goof Off Day.” When you have the chance to
goof off, what is your favorite activity and why?

When I have a chance to goof off I like playing basketball or
playing roblox. Basketball because basketball is a sport i'm good at and
that I like. Roblox cause it’s a fun and a easy game to play and you can
play with friends.

Topic B:
Today is “Toast Day.” What is your favorite topping for toast? Explain
to someone how to create this “toasty” treat.

My favorite topping for toast is grape jelly. First you put the toast
in the toaster then grab the grape jelly and a butter knife. Then grab
your toast and spread the jelly on the toast then you have the best toast
in the world.

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